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Our Best Practice Solutions™ are best implemented through a series of Soltec facilitated team work sessions. Under Soltec’s approach, clients stay focused on the implementation of industry-proven new processes rather than exhaustive as-is or current state analysis and technology driven solutions. Soltec’s team work session formats have been designed to maximize project and team productivity around five accelerated phases with multiple and overlapping activities in each phase.

Phase I: Project Start-Up

  • Perform awareness & education
  • Initiate competitive / cost analysis / benchmarking
  • Charter process team
  • Develop detailed workplan
  • Organize project team
  • Perform project team orientation
  • Initiate gap analysis

Phase II: Project Impacts (As-Is Analysis)

  • Review current state process in affected functional areas
  • Develop preliminary list of pilot participants
  • Identify and understand process breakdowns and constraints
  • Assess performance and efficiency
  • Assess organization / competencies
  • Assess information technology

Phase III: Develop Future State

  • Review best practices
  • Perform future state visioning
  • Develop business practice change action plan
  • Develop information technology implementation plan
  • Develop internal policies and procedures
  • Determine objectives and success measurable
  • Develop value proposition
  • Assess organizational readiness for change

Phase IV: Develop Future State

  • Test systems changes and adopt business practices
  • Finalize selection of pilot participants
  • Finalize guides and communication
  • Deliver user documentation and training program
  • Deliver internal and external presentations
  • Execute pilot
  • Develop pilot participant survey

Phase V: Develop Future State

  • Evaluate pilot program results
  • Refine and modify information technology changes, procedures, and training program
  • Conduct gap analysis
  • Deliver internal and external presentations
  • Deliver user documentation and training program
  • Develop transition plan to manage full launch


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