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On-site Seminars

Soltec's On-Site Best Practice Solutions™ Seminars are designed to present proven and implementable solutions to help your organization achieve world-class performance measures by addressing business process challenges and inefficiencies specific to your organization.

A key success factor of Soltec's on-site seminars is the attention given to proven best practices that can be implemented quickly. The seminar content is packaged and delivered to facilitate complete understanding and a framework for securing a company-wide commitment to improvement. To ensure the success of the on-site seminar, Soltec will work with you to customize the program to meet your company's specific goals & needs.

The onsite seminar will be delivered by a senior Soltec specialist with practical experience in the implementation of Best Practice Solutions™ across a broad spectrum of industries and corporation sizes as well as an extensive background in the content being presented.

What's Included

  • Soltec's full-day seminar program with complete coverage of the Best Practice Solution™, its impact, and implementation steps-customized to fit your organization
  • Detailed seminar reference manual providing information on the requirements to begin the process of implementing the Best Practice Solution™
  • Seminar leader and an associate to deliver the presentation, as well as record and resolve any issues and concerns the group may have
  • Realistic financial benefits that can be achieved by implementing the Best Practice Solution™ material covered in the seminar

Please contact Soltec to schedule an on-site seminar at your location.


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