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Purchasing Card

Soltec has experience in implementing Purchasing Cards across many industries including Automotive, Chemical, Semiconductors, HVAC, Grocery Products, Retail, Pharmaceutical. This experience allows Soltec to design a Purchasing Card program to fit virtually any specific needs that an organization may have.

The Purchasing card is the most efficient method for purchasing low value materials and services which allows end users to place orders directly with suppliers without the involvement of Purchasing, Receiving, and Accounts Payable functions.

To begin the P-Card process, the purchasing organization selects preferred suppliers to provide specific low value items. The purchasing organization & treasury set up the P-Card program in accordance with company-determined policies & procedures. The purchasing organization provides company requisitioners w/ authorized charge number; no physical cards are necessary. Requisitioners use their charge numbers for purchase authorization, instead of purchase order or blanket release documents. No approval is required for these low value purchases. Each requisitioning activity maintains a log of low value purchases to compare w/ the bank charge statement for accuracy. The administering bank pays the suppliers for the low value purchases and sends/transmits a bill to the company’s accounting department. The company’s accounting department pays the administering bank and charges each requisitioning activity’s low value purchases to the activity’s expense budget. The P-Card enables department end-users to order directly from suppliers without requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, or approvals.

  • Purchasing organization is responsible for identifying preferred suppliers for participation in the P-Card program
  • Complete analysis on all purchases under the capital expenditure limit must be conducted to understand and define P-Card policies & procedures for each organization
  • Establishing the roles & responsibilities of users, P-Card administrators and the treasury/accounting functions is essential

End Users

  • User empowerment
  • Reduced workload
  • Faster delivery
  • Assured delivery


  • Eliminates the requisition-PO process for low value purchases
  • Fosters supply chain management goals
  • Enhances preferred supplier relationships


  • Eliminates receipt entry process for low value purchases


  • Eliminates invoice processing for low value purchases
  • Reduces check processing costs
  • Significantly enhances internal control
  • Provides complete audit trail for all purchases made on card
  • Enhances SOX compliance
  • Reduces procurement to payment process costs by up to 80%


  • Improves cash flow by providing faster and more predictable payment
  • Eliminates late payments and “check in the mail” syndrome
  • Eliminates invoicing and all associated costs
  • Improves cash application process

Evaluated Receipts Settlement: Reduce Accounts Payable Costs by up to 75%
Payment Terms: Increase Working Capital, Reduce Administrative Costs
Travel & Expense: Reduce Administrative Costs
Electronic Funds Transfer: Eliminate Check Processing, Improve Cash Management
Working Capital Improvements: Comprehensive Solutions to Increase Cash Flow

Soltec provides Purchasing Card Best Practices education to both business professionals and executives in both web enabled and on-site formats. Please contact Soltec to setup an educational session or to understand how Purchasing Card Best Practices can improve your organization’s financial performance.


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